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This FREE Course is a collection of my Career Change Hacks Live Streams recorded during 2021 based around my 'QUEST TO HELP PROFESSIONALS & EXECUTIVES TO BREAK FREE FROM CAREER MISERY AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE!'

It's aimed at people around the globe who are considering a career change and need some inspiration and maybe also want to find your ideal Coach, so develop trust before investing in an Online course or any programme of Career Coaching.  

Each 'lesson' is focused around a different theme relevant to changing careers, although invariably they evolve and go 'off piste', based on feedback and engagement from people on the live stream.

Please note... what you see is what you get. It's totally 'unplugged' with no editing!

You can watch and listen to the all of the actual videos but the 'Chat' feed isn't visible or the transcript, as these are the original live streams taken from the actual recording software.

Most importantly, there is loads of content and golden nuggets to give you a flavour of my passion, knowledge, experience and delivery style.

Check it out for FREE and if you are serious about changing careers and want to follow a proven process that has helped to transform the careers and lives of 1000's of people around the globe, you can always sign up for my highly acclaimed 'Winning Through Career Change Six Steps to Fulfilment in Your Work & Life' Breakthrough Online Course! 

Course 'Curriculum'

Steve Preston

What You Should Know About Me
Back in 2001, having had a very successful executive and management career, I was faced with a life changing decision…relocation or redundancy? Either way, it was an uncertain future. Deep down, I knew It was time to move on, so redundancy (lay-off) became the springboard to break free and achieve something very different in my working life. This was the start of my career transition journey into the unknown. A huge learning experience, during which I discovered new passions for career and personal development, new skills and rekindled past skills. My ‘voyage of self-discovery’ gave me a whole new perspective, courage to take the ‘leap of faith’, change career and set up my own business.

Fast forward 19 years, as well as my own business, I'm now established as 'The Career Catalyst' ®... a leading Career Coach, Internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker and Creator of Breakthrough Career & Personal Development Courses and Products and a unique, proven, empowering, transformational, 6 Step Career Career Navigation Cycle process.

Recognised as an expert in supporting career professionals to achieve successful career changes or transitions, following redundancy and lay-offs, I have been featured in radio interviews, podcasts, webinars, blogs, trade journals and national media around the globe.

Why The Career Catalyst?

Because when I canvassed clients and valued contacts, to establish a personal brand for my Career & Personal Development Coaching, Books and Online Courses, the unanimous view was that my passion and the impact of my Coaching and Career Navigation Cycle process "act as the catalyst for achieving successful career change, transitions following redundancy/lay-offs or general career development".

This view was further reinforced by the world famous Personal Development & Success guru, Brian Tracy, who not only publicly endorsed my first 2 books but also sent me a personal message of thanks for my Career Coaching work and thought leadership. To achieve these accolades from such an amazing man and an Author of over 70 global best-selling books, I am truly proud and humbled.

My Mantra:

"You spend more waking hours at work than in any other activity. Life is too short so why be unhappy? Take the 'leap of faith' and do what you love!"

Sounds good? I would love to think that I can also act as the catalyst to help you achieve your breakthrough career change or transition success, by enrolling in my online course!

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    Selection of my Career Change Hacks live stream videos to get some great nuggets and flavour of my passion and style